Erik Öland

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Erik Öland

Hello, I am Erik Öland. I've been doing rodent exclsuion for 20 years.

I actually love animals, so I take steps to do my work as humanely as possible, which means prevention if at all possible. I like to work with my clients to exclude wild animals from ever entering their home in the first place, so I can minimize or eliminate any future suffering for all those critters that belong outside.

That's why my company uses the word exclusion.

Wild animals fare better outside. A house built for humans might be comfortable for a wild musk rat, but it thrives when it lives in its natural habitat, not under -- for example -- the water heater in your basement. So, I specialize in making homes completely rodent proof. 

I don't mind getting dirty. It's part of my job to climb into those crawl spaces to see what's really going on. I have all the personal safety equipment I'll ever need.

Do you think you might have a rodent problem? Let me help you understand exactly what you've got with my Free Inspection. It's a no-pressure examination of your home as it is today. With that, you can examine your options -- including considering several providers -- and make your decision.

One thing's for sure. We'll make the problem go away. I have a rigorous process that I've developed over years. I know it works, and I guarantee it.